Virtually Savvy Services

 To support your business virtually   


I founded and started Virtually Savvy Services in 2014, but started working as a VA in early 2016.  How did I get here you ask? 

Well lets go on a little journey ....

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and in 1984 my parents decided to move to Melbourne, Australia.  I was young and so full of hope.  I completed a few courses, a certificate in Administration (Helene Abicair), further into my work life I completed a Certificate VI in Frontline Management and straight after that I completed a Certificate VI in TAE.

Now let me ask you about your business:
 - What would you like to fix in your business?
 - Are your processors and guidelines in place?

With our knowledge and skills we are able to assist companies and make this a successful and lucrative journey with many long term relationships along the way.  

Why Us?

What sets us apart from my competition is that I have different aspects of skills and knowledge.

"To commit to our clients by providing the best possible service— and always improving it each and every day."


Certificate VI in Frontline Management

Certificate VI in TAE

Return to Work Certificate



A passion to help the Homeless and make a better life


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