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Gary Fitzsimmonds

Occ Rehab Consultant, Melbourne, VIC

As a client

"I have worked with Amanda - on and off over a twenty-year period. In this venture, Amanda is highly professional, very focused on providing excellent customer service ensuring good results for here clients. Amanda uses her knowledge well - to the benefit of her clients, ensuring that their claims are handled efficiently, to reduce premium impact wherever possible and also achieve returns to work, at the most appropriate time, reducing time lost and hidden costs. I am very happy to promote their services. "

As a senior

"I had the pleasure to work with Amanda over a period of time, I found her work of an excellent nature - she was diligent, very firm but fair with clients, extremely knowledgeable and highly motivated. Amanda's knowledge of the scheme was always up to date and she took her role very responsibly." 

Elaine Iba Jur

Virtual Assistant/Online Business Owner- Chicago, Illinois

"Amanda helped me out when I was in a bind. Her response and turnaround time when reviewing and editing my project was done and completed within a 24 hour time frame. Her knack for words as a content writer and great tips was on point. Much appreciated all the way from Chicago, Illinois" - Thank You.

Restaurant Business Owner - C'est Bon Melbourne
"I've with Amanda about 2 years ago.  Thank you to Amanda for taking the time to update my menus and general administrative work.  I know she worked hard and as a matter of fact worked during her holiday when I needed a job done quickly.  Your help has been a blessing to me and my staff.  Thank you once again."

Gabby Miles 
Beautician/Business Owner - Melbourne
"My business became a bit busy and just wanted some assistance with administrative work.  I was referred to Amanda through a friend.   She got the work done in no time and I'm really pleased.  Thank you."


Personal Trainer/Business Owner - Sydney
"Amanda has helped me to recruit a fabulous Barre Instructor.  She saved me time and money doing the recruitment process herself.  Thank you."